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Featuring just nine simple questions, this easy online assessment can help users identify possible financial risks, see where there may be room for improvement, and access resources geared toward their personal challenges. Log in to the platform now to take the Financial Health Assessment for yourself!

NEW! Caregiving Audio Tips

If you are or a team member is caring for an aging family member or for someone with an illness or a disability, you could probably use some support. Log in to the program platform to access 10 important tips shared with us by caregiving experts.


What’s New

Log in to the platform now to access the following new tools:

  • Keeping the Peace at Home, a new podcast, and Raising Friends for Life, an infographic with tips from Dr. Laura Markham.
  • Student Life Toolkit – A new online toolkit featuring nearly 50 resources dealing with money, stress, study habits, friendships, personal safety, and more.
  • Hurricane Resources Toolkit – A resource for those affected by this year’s extreme weather events.
  • Opioid Awareness – Search the site for “opioids” to access a wealth of articles on this class of drugs, as well as addiction, and support for loved ones.
NEW! Finding the Opportunity in Change (10:16)

a new podcast featuring Mark Malis, head of Global Human Resources at LifeWorks, is now available on the program site. Take a listen to learn why change is often a challenge, and for tips on how to find opportunity in change at work and in your personal life.

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