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Check out these updated infographics to help you promote the service. Customize with your organization’s log in details and print off as posters or hand-outs!

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Introducing new Article Series!

We’re continuously revising and refining our platform’s content library. Articles series are our brand-new approach to help users locate the information they need, quickly and precisely. Log in now to view these and other series:

  • Adjusting to Life After Divorce: 5-part series
  • Building a Positive Relationship With Your Partner: 4-part series
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work: 3-part series
  • If There’s Been an Affair in Your Relationship: 3-part series
  • Strategies for Coping with Stress at Work: 3-part series

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New Toolkits

Log in to the platform now to access the following new online toolkits:

  • Addiction and Recovery Toolkit: Drug and alcohol addiction and abuse can have a serious and negative impact on health, work, relationships, and well-being. With professional help, however, recovery is possible. This toolkit offers resources and help if you have concerns about addiction for yourself or a loved one.
  • Working Parents Toolkit: Check out these practical strategies to minimize the pressure and maximize the satisfaction and joy of being a working parent.
  • Pet Toolkit: Pets take energy, time, and money—and they come with both responsibilities and rewards. These resources can help you choose, care for, and enjoy your pet for many years to come.
Have you checked out our Financial Health Assessment yet?

Featuring just nine simple questions, this easy online assessment can help users identify possible financial risks, see where there may be room for improvement, and access resources geared toward their personal challenges. Log in to the platform now to take the Financial Health Assessment for yourself!

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The Health Library includes online information on a wide range of diseases, conditions, injuries, and treatment prodcedures, as well as interactive tools, medical news, and more. Simply click on "Health Library" under Quick Links on the program site.

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